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Who We Are!

Broadway Regenerated Fibre Co. is a 100% Sustainable and Economy friendly project that guarantee’s you the utmost quality recycled fibre in Bangladesh!!

We produce 28 tonnes of fibre per day with highly equipped Chinese technology. Our machines are of high tier and the most efficient in the market. Depending upon the customers demand, the blend of the fibre and the quality is controlled. Our fibre length varies from 18mm-22mm which also depends upon the material used according to our clients. We mix all the colour by colour clips together to get one shade of fibre out of it so that when yarn is produced, the shade is unique and it becomes a constant one shade. Our quality is always controlled with extreme supervision.

Broadway Regenerated Fiber Co. is one of the well known companies that export an extensive range of Cotton Shoddy (Recycled fibre) to meet up with the growing demands of our respected clients. It is much demanded by a huge customer base because of its application and reasonable cost. 

Our company was established with a mission to provide our customers with uncompromising quality, very competitive price, and continuous support. We are exporting to Spain, India, Mexico, Brazil and China, our recycled fibre for producing recycled yarn and then those yarn are exported globally and used locally as well.

It’s a 100% environment friendly product as there is no use of chemicals or water while manufacturing it. International buyers for sweaters, socks, t-shirts, denim, home textiles have been imposing the use of recycled fibre in producing recycled yarn for their product. It’s a must to use 40% of recycled yarn when knitting, weaving or making any garment or home textile products. Multinational buyers are making a movement for the textile industry, buyers like H&M, Target, Nike, Adidas, Kappa and all the big brands are using these recycled items for producing their products.

Textile wastes are one the major items to be recycled around the world otherwise we would have some major problem like they would end up in water bodies, causing too much pollution to the sea and hampering the sea lives or landfills. 

Internationally all the buyers are imposing and making it compulsory for everyone to use recycled yarn which is made from our fibre.  

We are exporting worldwide. 

We have our own processing factory (manufacturing unit) and experts for sorting clips, making bales and packing. 

Our sourcing team is very strong to get you the right quality and good price as well.

As we have established a reputation in the records of our customers by our superior quality products, at cheaper prices and timely deliveries, we can assure you to supply quality products exactly meeting your requirements in all respects to your entire satisfaction.

We purchase garments wastage known as clips (clothing cutoffs) which is one of the major waste of Bangladesh in the textile industry with the help of our sourcing team and then produce recycled fiber out of it by sorting these clips with professional manual labor and then using our high tech machines we crush the clips through different processes in the machines to produce export quality recycled fiber. Our fiber types include 100% Cotton, Ecru, 100% Polyester, A mixture of different textile waste components of Cotton,Lycra, Gabardin and many more. These fibers are then used in Rotor Spinning Mills to make recycled yarn of various different counts from NE7 till NE37. These yarns are then used to manufacture sweaters, socks, t-shirts, various denim products and home textile. The yarn produced from recycling fiber is far superior than natural yarn because it is highly efficient as it does not require dyeing which cuts the cost of the yarn almost by 35% and the production plant does not require any water use, no chemicals, no ETP required which is why producing recycling yarn is the safest and the most environmentally friendly way to manufacture Yarn.

As we are producing recycled fiber and its being used globally so we know about the quality so now our main aim is to make recycled yarn at our end using our own fiber and export globally. We have a versatile knowledge about recycled fiber so making recycled yarn  won’t be a challenge for us.

We are very much looking forward to saving our environment so recycling is a must. Our target is to recycle Bangladesh garment wastage into new yarn and sell globally.

By recycling we want to generate a big amount of revenue. Bangladesh’s main business is the garment industry so the availability of raw materials is huge. We have a target to recycle 20,000 kgs of garments waste in every 24 hours, turning them into recycled fiber then to recycled yarn.



Our target market is unrivaled because of our product, it has started to become a necessity and must continue to grow, as the default category of our product is “Recycling” thus the demand for our product will never fall. Our employees are all trained to deliver the absolute best of their services without compromising quality. Most of them have been in this industry for over a decade and gained efficiency to the highest level which is why we can count on them to run every single operation in the absence of myself as most of them has been with us since the beginning of our business, for which we count them as our strength. Our expert marketing team has collected loyal buyers from all over the world such as, Spain, India, Turkey, Brazil, etc. and they have pledged to continue working with us for our competitive pricing and exceptional service. Over the last year we have gained a good amount of working capital for which exporting has been easier than before. The raw materials required for production are readily and easily available throughout the year and are extremely cheap for which production of this product in Bangladesh is considered the best.

Fibres That We Produce

100 % Cotton Optical White Shoddy
100% Off white (Cream color)
100 % Cotton Black Shoddy
100 % Cotton Dark Navy Shoddy
100 % Cotton Dark Ash Shoddy
100% cotton Dark Red Shoddy
100% cotton Dark Olive shoddy
100% cotton Golden Yellow
100% cotton Ecru (From Yarn Waste)
PC yarn Waste Shoddy
Cotton Denim Shoddy (Black & Blue)
Multicolor Shoddy

Minimum Order Quantity

22,500 KG- 1 forty feet HQ’ Container

170 KG Per Press Bale 

Products shipped after wrapping with PP Oven cloths or Cotton Fabrics.

Depending upon Buyer requirement.

Uses of Cotton Recycled Fiber (Shoddy)

Different  shoddy have different uses. We are producing shoddy for the following uses: 

Yarn Industry: Recycled Open-End Yarns Mills ( T-Shirt, Towel, Bed Sheet, Blanket Etc.) 

Furniture Industry: Felt and Fabrics

Automotive Industry: Multi color Shoddy used in Automotive Interior

Paper Industry: To Make a Paper Pulp

Upholstery / Mattress / Bedding Industries – For Wadding

Our Specialty

Competitive Price 

Export Quality Guaranteed 

20 years of experience & satisfied customers worldwide 

Effort and execution towards any commitment 

Most updated production setup in Broadway Processing Factory 

Expert human resource for Sorting, Bale & Packaging 

4 Sets of Textile Recycling Line (monthly 4,50,000 KG of fibre production line)