since 1998

Broadway Group

Fibre : Raw Fibre & Recycling Fibre!

Yarn : Cotton, Viscous, CVC & Recycled!

Fabrics : Cotton, Denim & Woven!

Garment : T-Shirt, Sweater, Pants!

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    About Broadway!

    Broadway Group is a group of companies that’s located in Bangladesh (Dhaka) that specialises in the manufacturing of high quality Fibre, Yarn, Fabrics & Garments. We use the best raw materials in order to offer high quality products as well as effective and satisfactory service, thanks to our 22 years of experience in the industry.

    Why Trust Broadway?


    We have been selecting the best raw materials for more than 20 years, always having an expert production team as well as the right mindset in order to offer high quality products appropriate to the market demand!


    Consumers from more than 20 countries of Europe, South America, Africa and Asia trust us to make their final products. Manufacturers of blankets, upholstery, curtains, socks, towels, industrial fabric, knitted fabrics, fashion, etc.


    What We Do?

    Broadway Group is specially designed for the manufacturing of a step by step production house, starting from producing Fibre, moving on to Yarn, then to Fabrics and finally manufacturing Garments! Interestingly, We are manufacturing both Raw and Recycled Items of the same products for a sustainable and green environment!!

    Fiber : Raw Fibre & Recycled Fibre
    Yarn : Cotton, Viscous, CVC & Recycled
    Fabrics : Cotton, Denim & Woven
    Garment : T-Shirt, Sweater & Pants

    Broadway's Mission, Vision & Values!


    To provide our product with utmost quality throughout the world.


    Quality comes first.Result is it’s logical sequence.


    Always ensure 100% quality

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority

    Provide 100% pure products