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Broadway Textiles Inc is the only apparel manufacturing company in Bangladesh who produces all steps by themselves making it the most cost efficient and quality controlled unit in all over Bangladesh.

We are a group of professionals who are dedicated to develop our buyer requirements in the apparel industry. We have our expert team for designing, sourcing and producing exactly what our buyers want.

We are committed to provide excellence in quality as well as timing, we do no rush our clients nor our production unit, to be able to keep our worth as a company which has 22 years of experience. 

We also produce “RECYCLED” fibre from our waste of garment clothing cut-offs, produce “RECYCLED” yarn from that fibre, then “RECYCLED” fabrics are produced and then continue with our production unit to produce 100% “RECYCLED” garment clothing such as “T-Shirts”, “Sweaters” & “Pants”

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Why Choose Broadway Textiles Inc. As Your Apparel Manufacturing Partner!



BTI is passionate about using technology to create sustainable fabrics. We are invested in solutions, partners and suppliers that create new products from materials that can be reused, recycled and reborn into a new product. We can help your company reach your sustainability goals and work together to protect our living planet, Earth.BTI is committed to ethical, compliant and sustainable sourcing in every aspect of our operations and supply chain management.  

EXCLUSIVE FASHION COLLECTIONS:                  We have the most exclusive collection of
fashion wear designed to dominate the
market. We manufacture quality extensive
clothing that can’t be found elsewhere.

QUALITY ASSURANCE:                                               We are able to maintain high-quality
standards due to our extensive quality controlling managing procedure. These steps ensure perfection in the clothes we produce from start to finish.

SALES SAMPLES UNIT:                                                We make sure exact samples from the production unit are sent to our buyer’s for the utmost satisfaction.

RECORD-LOW PRICES:                                                  The major advantage of owning all the units of production is that we can guarantee you the lowest prices you can ever get!!