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Who We Are & What We Do!!

Broadway Industries Ltd. works with Stitched and Un-stitched Wiping Rags/Duster Cloths which are mainly used for Industrial Cleaning, Car washing, and Household  cleaning purposes etc. We’re manufacturing these cleaning rags/dusters and exporting globally. These duster cloths can be further subcategorised as follows:

  1. 100% Cotton Hosiery Wiping Rag – Stitched & Un-Stitched
  2. Towel Waste Cloth (White & All Other Colour)
  3. Cotton Towel Duster

Buyers Facilities: 

We provide GSP (Buyers duty free import facilities) issued by our Export Promotion  Bureau (EPB) on our products for our valuable buyers throughout the globe.

Quality control: 

We always emphasise on the quality. An expert team is engaged to control contamination manually along with a test laboratory equipped with Ultraviolet Light (Black  Light) has been set up in the factory premises for utmost satisfaction.


Why Trust Us?


Broadway Industries Limited is a Child Labor Free Factory as per ILO instruction. Our  Factory has an environmentally friendly working space for our workers.  


Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BKMEA) Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industries (DCCI) 

Export Promotion Bureau (EPB)